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The Website just Gets Better! 

The new Platt’s website features some exciting improvements, including better format, drop down menus, and a Beach House Blog.  We hope to share some fun and useful stories about new products, coastal lifestyle ideas, and local events.  Find the latest products and developments showcased in these blog posts.  

Best of all, the website is now optimized for mobile devices and tablets, so it’s easier than ever to shop from your mobile device!  

You can always call us at (609) 927-8200 to get information about price, availability, and delivery options.  As always, you can take a virtual tour of our 20,000 sq. ft. showroom to get an idea of what the store looks like.  

Better Product Catalogs

Our product catalogs (still under construction) will provide much more information than the previous website, to make shopping from home even easier.  

Each catalog features a “search” function that will help you locate products with features you like.  You can also filter products by category.  For example, the Living Room catalog is broken down into categories like Reclining Models, Sleeper Models, Sectionals, etc.  You will find multiple photos of each product from various angles, as well as a description about features, options, construction, etc.  

At the bottom of each description, you will find social media buttons to easily share content with friends and family.  We hope you enjoy using the new site to find the furniture and accessories of your dreams.  As always, let us know how we can improve your online experience.

Platt's furniture website